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Can I Link a Clio Payment to a Different Client?


  • Link a Secure Payment to a different client
  • Change the client linked to a Clio Payment
  • Edit who a Clio Payment is linked to
  • How do I change which Contact is linked to the Clio Payment
  • How to edit Clio Payments
  • Relink Clio Payment


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

As a workaround, if a payment via the Secure Payment Link is linked to the wrong client, you can manually transfer the funds to another client. Please refer to:


Yes. The following steps only apply to Clio Payments paid via Secure Payment Links. If payment was submitted through a Bill-specific payment link via sharing a Bill, the payment cannot be edited and must be refunded and re-submitted again.

  1. Navigate to the Clio Payments page
  2. Click Edit next to the linked payment
  3. Specify the Matter or Client 
  4. (Optional) Uncheck if you do not want payments to be applied automatically on the invoice. 
  5. Select to Link Payment

Note: By default, payments into operating accounts will be applied to outstanding invoices. To manually apply the funds, uncheck the Apply payment to issues invoices automatically checkbox. For steps on recording a Payment to a Bill afterwards (if you choose not to automatically apply it), click here.

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