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How do I Change the Font Type / Size of the Numbered and Bullet Formats in the Clio Grow Document Template Editor


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  • Change Font in Bullet List 
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  • How to Change Font in Template Editor When Creating Document Template in Clio Grow


  • Clio Grow
  • Lexicata

Additional Information:

Clio Grow / Lexicata do not yet have a functionality to automatically change the Font / Size for Numbered Lists / Bullet Points in the Document Template editor. However, this can be accomplished in the HTML View of the Document Template Editor by pasting a code at the top of the Source View as shown below:


  1. Click Source on the top right-hand side in the middle row
  2. Paste the Following HTML Code at the top of the HTML Body:
  3. <style type="text/css">ol li {font-family:[fontname],serif;font-size:[fontsize]px;}
  4. So if you would like the Font to be Georgia, and the font size to be 12, it would look like this:
  5. <style type="text/css">ol li {font-family:Georgia,serif;font-size:12px;}
  6. Once you get back to the Normal View (by clicking Source again), you should now see the Font Type and Size updated.
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