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How to Migrate Your Zaps to Work With Clio's New Zapier Integration


  • Migrate Zaps from Clio's old / outdated / legacy Zapier integration to Clio's new / updated Zapier integration


  • Zapier

Additional Information:

  • On February 7th, 2019, Clio released an updated Zapier integration.
    • Clio's Zapier integration now has more reliable performance, enhanced security, and a whole bunch of new features - including 12 new triggers, searches, and actions.
  • Now that the new Zapier integration is available, we are asking all Clio customers that use Zapier to migrate their Zaps from the outdated integration to the new one.
  • The legacy Clio integration with Zapier will stop working on April 30, 2019.
    • Clio + Zapier users received email notifications from Zapier on March 11 and April 24, 2019. These users also received system notifications in the Clio Web App on April 14, April 23, and April 30, 2019.


  1. Go to your Zapier dashboard
  2. Identify the Zap you want to migrate, and Select "Copy" from the drop down
  3. Open the original Zap and the copied Zap in separate tabs or windows of your browser
  4. In Zap you just copied, go to each Clio step and change the Clio (Legacy) account that you have connected to the new Clio application.
    • The first time you do this, you will be prompted to allow the new Zapier app to access your Clio account data.
  5. Re-map the fields in your Zap. Compare your copied Zap's steps to the original Zap's steps (in the other browser window) to ensure you have accurate field mapping
  6. Test your copied Zap
  7. Turn off the original Zap
  8. Turn on the copied Zap, which is now configured to use Clio's new Zapier integration
  9. To get help migrating your Zaps, please contact Zapier support. You can also submit bugs and feature requests to the Zapier support team; these will be communicated back to Clio.


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