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LawPay Integration Notifications

What is it?
This is an instant LawPay Integration notification sent to both the Law Firm and the client so they are fully aware in real time regarding the client’s payment.

Example notification email sent to a customer after a successful payment:

Example notification email sent to the firm after a successful payment:

When will it get sent?
The email will get sent immediately after payment is submitted.

What triggers an email notification?

  • Regular LawPay Integration payments
  • Payment Plans Instalment payments
  • Secure Payment Link payments
  • Failed payments
  • Refund payments

Can I print the notification?
You can print it from your email reader once you receive it to give it to your Client during a face to face encounter.

Who will receive the email?
It will get sent to the payer, usually the client making the payment. 

Within the firm, you get to select which permission group gets to receive the payment notification.

Will I still receive a Payment Successful email after the payment as been processed?

Payments made directly on bills will only send an instant notification.

Payments made via Secure Payment Link will receive a second email once the payment is complete to notify the firm user to link this payment to the correct client, matter or invoice.

How to customize the payment notification?
The payment notification follows the same customization as the bill share emails/Clio Connect Branding experience. You have the following customization options:

  • Clio default (Show firm name of the account)
  • Firm Name
  • Logo Only
  • Logo and Firm name

For details, see the "Branding your Clio Connect Experience" support article.

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