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What Should I Do Before I Build A PDF Or Document Template?


  • Things You Should Do Before Creating A PDF/Document Template


  • Clio Grow

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  1. Ensure that you have created all required Custom Fields
    • Firms that require the same Custom Fields in both Clio Grow and Clio Manage should first create the required Custom Fields in Clio Manage then sync them to Grow. To Sync Custom Fields click the link here.
    • If you are not using Clio Manage, then you may want to create the Custom Fields in Grow. To do this click the link here.
  2. Identify the number of signers required on the Generated Document
    • When Firms create a template requiring signatures, they need to specify the number of people that need to sign the document and add enough signature fields to each signer. They will also be required to select the Contacts and Users in Grow that will be signing the document.
    • If Firms have a standard document that may need a variable number of signatures depending on the matter and Client(s) involved, then they will need to create separate templates requiring different numbers of signature fields.
    • You can change the number of Signers in a Document by editing the template
  3. Ensure that your Template has a place for Merge Fields and Signature Fields
    • If Firms are adding Contact or Matter Merge Fields to their template, they need to make sure that the original documents has adequate space for the text that will be added whenever they genera a new document
  4. Have A Drafted Copy Of The Document (Document Template Only)
    • We Recommend that firms have an electronic copy of the document drafted. This will allow you to copy and paste the document contents rather then typing it out from scratch. This will also you to review the custom fields that you need in the draft document before drafting
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