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Grow Custom Fields are not Exporting to Clio Manage


  • Custom Field data is not populating for an exported Matter
  • Custom Field Information is not in Matter Document
  • Custom Fields from Completed Forms is not showing in Exported Matter


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:



1. Check that disconnecting from Clio and reconnect does not assist, please see below article on how to do this:

How to Unlink and Relink your Clio and Clio Grow Accounts

2. Go into the Form Builder to Edit the Form - Check that all Questions that are associated with a Custom field have the linked symbol - Link.png please see article here on: 

How to Connect Form Questions to Custom Fields in Clio Grow

3. Insure that all Linked Custom Fields have the same Type as the Form question field type. E.g A custom field type = single line Text. Then the question within the form must be a single line text. This would be identified by the inability to locate the custom field when trying to link it.

4. Check that all Custom fields are synced displaying the symbol -  synced.pngPlease see article here on:

How to Sync Clio Custom Fields in Clio Grow


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