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How Do I Change a Clio Connect Email When I Receive an Error?


  • Error When Editing Clio Connect Email


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:

For a list of scenarios involving changing emails for Clio Connect click HERE


  • Firm
    • It's possible that another Contact in your Clio account has already been set up as a Clio Connect email. If this is the case, you can free that email up for re-use by:
      • Deleting the original Contact that's associated to that "Clio connect email" 
    • Note that anything shared with the original Contact will need to be re-shared. 
  • Clio Connect User
    1. Log into your Clio connect account that is currently using the email you wish to change
    2. Change your email
    3. Log into your Clio connect account that whose email you wish to change
    4. Change your email. 
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