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Can I Make Certain Merge Fields Appear In All CAPS in Clio Grow Document Templates?


  • Can I make certain fields all in caps in Clio Grow Document Templates?
  • Can I have certain merge fields in caps in some parts of Document Template and non caps in others?
  • How to make Merge Fields appear in CAPS in Document Template in Clio grow


  • Clio Grow
  • Lexicata


Yes, this will need to be done via HTML Code within the Source view of the Document Template editor. Please note that this only applies to the Template and not to the finished Document.


  1. Enter the desired Field into the Document Template Body
  2. Click Source in the Document Template Editor
  3. Find the HTML code for the merge field. It should look something like the example below:
  4. <p><span contenteditable="false" data-field="Preferred Contact Method (p1)" style="background-color:yellow">Preferred Contact Method (p1)</span>&nbsp;</p>
  5. Paste the following code behind the 'style="background-color:yellow">'
  6. ;text-transform:uppercase
  7. The code should now look something like this:
  8. <p><span contenteditable="false" data-field="Preferred Contact Method (p1)" style="background-color:yellow;text-transform:uppercase">Preferred Contact Method (p1)</span>&nbsp;</p>
  9. Get out of the Source view by clicking Source again, and the Field should now appear all uppercase
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