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How to Link a Secure Payment to a Client or a Matter


  • How to apply a payment from a Secure Payment Link to a Bill
  • How to link a credit card payment to a specific Bill
  • How to link unlinked payment to a Matter
  • Where do I find unlinked payments?
  • How to link a Clio Payment to the Contact/Matter?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When linking a payment, it will apply it to bills on a first in, first out basis.
    • If you choose "Client" it will look at all bills for that Client
    • if you choose "Matter" it will look at all bills for that Matter 
  • The Link button will only be available once the payment has been processed (i.e. the 'Status' is showing as 'Completed')


  1. Click Clio/Online Payments on the left side of Clio
  2. Click Link beside the particular payment
  3. Choose the Client
    1. (Optional) Choose a specific Matter
    2. (Optional) Uncheck the Apply payment to issued invoices automatically. box if you wish to choose which bills to pay
  4. Click Link payment at the bottom


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