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How Can I Be Notified When a Client or Co-Counsel Uploads a Document/File Through Clio Connect?


  • Turn on email notifications when a Client or Co-Counsel uploads a Document through Clio Connect
  • Clio Connect Notification and Document Upload
  • Notification when Clio Connect user Uploads a document


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:

Notifications Defaults

Notifications must be enabled on a user by user basis, and are turned off by default.

Notification Format

For each Matter, an email notification will list all uploads made in a 5 minute period, and be sent at the same cadence.

Grouped by each client/co-counsel uploader, the email will show how the number of documents uploaded and will link to the folder where they are located.

For your security, the email will not show the title of the files/documents.

Sample email format:


Notification Rules

All firm users that have the notification turned on will receive an email alert.

For more information on how to share a document folder, please review the article here.

Only new files uploaded will trigger a notification at this time, though they can be a duplicate of an existing file. Updated versions using the "Add New Version" feature will not send any notifications.

To turn on Clio Connect document upload notifications:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Click the "Email" toggle under the "Clio Connect" category titled Document uploaded through Clio Connect to turn on the notifications.

Please note that these settings are on a per user basis. Each user that wishes to receive these notifications must turn on this setting.

How it appears on the settings page:


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