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Custom Fields


What are Custom Fields?
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What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields let you configure Clio to meet your firm’s unique needs. Create custom fields to store useful details specific to your firm’s processes or practice areas.

Capture the information you need for a successful case

For example, you can add a Social Security Number (SSN) field to your immigration clients, a spouse name field for divorce cases, or an incident date field for personal injury claims.

Quickly find important details

Filter the custom field screen to quickly find the field you need on a contact or matter profile and use custom field sets to create logical groups of custom fields.

Prepare your most-used legal documents in seconds

Enter the information stored in custom fields into reusable document templates with a single click.

Use online intake forms to populate client profiles

Sync custom field values from Clio Grow or other intake forms and streamline the client intake process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create Custom Fields?

The Primary Subscriber and Account Administrators can create Custom Fields.

Does everyone in my Firm see the Custom Fields?

Yes, custom fields are visible firm-wide.

What are some tips for working with Required Custom Fields?

When creating a new, individual Custom Field, that field can be set as "required". Required Custom Fields must not be blank/empty (or in the case of a checkbox, unchecked) when the Matter or Contact is saved.

Making Required Fields Default

Required Custom Fields can also be set as "default". When a required field is also default then it will appear on all new Contacts/Matters, must be completed, and cannot be removed. A required field that is not also a default can still be removed from the Contact/Matter form (defeating the purpose of being required).

"N/A" Value

If there is a chance that a field would not need to be completed (or that the required data will not be available when the new Matter/Contact is created) then that field should either not be required or it should be a field type that allows for "N/A" to be a value. For example:

  • Picklist (with NA as an option)
  • Text (One-Line and Multi-Line)
  • Integer and Money fields can have a "0" value

Checkbox Field Type

When making a checkbox a required default field then it must be checked before the Matter/Contact can be saved. Why would you want to make a checkbox required? The checkbox can be used to indicate confirmation that some required step has been performed. Unfortunately, the Checkbox field name is limited to 32 characters, so the confirmation will have to be short and sweet. Some examples:

  • Initial contact confirmed
  • Retainer agreement signed

Can I export my Custom Field information into a spreadsheet?

Yes, please follow the instructions HERE to do so.

Are Custom Fields pulled into Reports?

Not at this time.

Can I group Custom Fields together and then apply them in bulk to one Matter?

Yes, you can use the Custom Field Set option.

I've already created all my Matters in Clio, can I bulk apply Custom Fields?

If you mark a Custom Field as a Default, then they will automatically apply to your Matters.  This is the only way to bulk apply Custom Fields to all existing Matters at this time.

Can I apply a default field or field set to all Matters by Practice Area?

There is no ability at this time to apply Custom Fields by Practice Area.

Can I do a search by Custom Fields?

You can filter Contacts, Matters, and Billable Clients by Custom Fields. For more information, click HERE.

Can I use Custom Fields in Document Automation?

Yes, you can.  For more instructions, click HERE.

Can I pull Custom Fields into Bills?

Not at this time.

What is the difference between Individual Custom Fields and Custom Field Sets?

An Individual Custom Field is one single custom field that you can use in your Matter or Contact.

Custom Field Set is a collection of Individual Custom Fields and allows you to group them together.  For example, if I created two Individual Custom Fields, one named Plaintiff and one named Defendant, then I can create a Custom Field Set called "Civil Litigation".  Then, whenever I open a litigation Matter in Clio, I can apply the Custom Field Set which will automatically pop in both the Plaintiff and Defendant custom fields.

If I set an Individual Custom Field as the default and then apply a Custom Field Set that contains the same field, will it show in my Matter or Contact details twice?

No, Clio will recognize this and the field will only show once.

Can I change around the order of the Custom Fields manually?

Yes, you can. For instructions on how to reorder your Custom Fields, click HERE.

I am trying to remove the default setting from an Individual Custom Field, but the default checkbox is greyed out when I click the edit option. Why can't I remove the default?

This happens when the Individual Custom Field is part of a default Custom Field Set. If you remove the default option from the set, then the individual item can be modified.

Are there any restrictions for Custom Field Types?

Yes, they are as follows:

  • Name of a custom field is limited to 32 characters.
  • "One-line text field" is limited to 255 characters.
  • "Multi-line text field" is limited to 64000 characters.
  • "Picklist" options are limited to 64 characters.
  • "Money" is two decimal places.
  • "Integer" is an integer.
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