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Why Am I Getting an Error: Matter Cannot Be Created, When Saving a New Matter in Lexicata/Grow?


  • Error message: "Matter Cannot be Created" appears when saving matter/contact in Lexicata/Grow


  • Clio Grow
  • Lexicata

Additional Information:

Check the Email field to see if a valid email address is entered. If it shows as "Client Name - - Ruby Mail", this is not a valid email. Please remove the text in the Email field then proceed to complete the Intake Form.


Information incorrectly migrated from Ruby Receptionist.


  1. Check every field in the Contact/Matter you are trying to save.
  2. Most likely the format of one of the fields is incorrect or wrong information is populated into a Contact/Matter from Ruby Receptionist
  3. Correct/remove field information (such as email address, phone number, etc.)
  4. Save the Contact/Matter
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