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Why is My Bill Total Showing a Negative Amount?


  • Negative statement of account balance.
  • After applying bill payment and discount bill total is negative


  • Clio Manage

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Scenario 1

If a Discount is applied to a Bill while a Clio Payment is being processed for that Bill, it can result in a negative total balance for that Bill. This is because Discounts validate against the total balance of the Bill before Payments are applied.

Scenario 2 

A Bill receives a partial payment, then a Line Item is deleted from that Bill who's amount exceeds the remaining balance owing. 

Example: a $100 Bill has a $40 and $60 dollar Line Item. Make a $70 payment, then delete the $40 or $60 Line Item.

Scenario 3

If a Discount is applied to a Bill that is greater than the amount outstanding, the balance of the bill will be a negative amount. 

Example: $113 is outstanding on the bill. A $150 discount is applied to the entire bill. The new balance of the bill is -$37. 

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