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Zapier 422 Error "The app returned 'x'. This can occur if the information entered into a field is not in the correct format"


  • Troubleshooting Zapier Errors


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This error occurs when data is sent to Clio in a format that Clio does not recognize

For instance, Clio will only allow you save an email that has a valid email format (e.g. If the information is not valid, Clio will reject it with a 422 error. 


Look at the information that is being sent to Clio:

  1. In Zapier, click on Task History
  2. Look for an instance of when the Zap failed
  3. Click on the Stop icon
  4. Look for the step that failed
  5. Review the Data In tab data 

This will show all of the data received. Ensure that the Data In is being mapped to the correct fields in Clio.

If this does not resolve the issue, remove all optional field data, and simplify all Required fields and attempt the Zap. If the issue persists, then Clio does not recognize the data type used in a Required field. If this does resolve the issue, add fields sequentially, testing each time to isolate the problematic field(s).

Information on the format that Clio expects for certain fields can be found in our API Documentation (see here)


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