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How Do I Set up a Payment Profile Where a Bill Is Due upon Receipt but Interest Is Applied at a Later Date?


  • Set a payment profile where payment is charged later than the due date


  • Clio Manage


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Billing
  3. Click on Payment Profiles sub-tab
  4. Click on Create a payment profile
  5. Select Custom Payment Terms
  6. Set the Grace Period Period to 0
  7. Fill out the rest of the fields per your preference.
  8. Click on Create Profile
  9. Once payment profile has been created, Locate the Client in question and open their contact card
  10. Click on Edit Contact
  11. Scroll down to Billing Preferences
  12. Change the Payment profile to the newly created one.
  13. Click on Bills
  14. Click on Billable Clients
  15. Locate the Client and check mark 
  16. Click on Generate Bill
  17. In the new Window, Enter the Issue date and leave the due date blank (as will be automatically filled in by the Grace Period upon the bill generating in the next step)
  18. Click on Generate Bill
  19. Open the Draft and Approve the bill
  20.  Send to client while it shows "Due Upon Receipt"
  21. Edit the bill and change the due date to when you want interest to begin accruing


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