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OneDrive Integration Removing Apostrophes


Folder/Files coming from Clio with an apostrophe in the name are being created in OneDrive without the apostrophe.

If the same folder already exists in OneDrive with the apostrophe, Clio will not recognize this as the same folder and will create what appears to be a duplicate but without the apostrophe.

In Clio - Contact name is (eg): Acme's Association
In OneDrive - Contact name is brought in as: Acmes Association


  • Clio Manage
  • OneDrive

Additional Information:

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This is expected behaviour—Clio is making adjustments due to restrictions with the characters OneDrive allows. Clio needs to make adjustments to conform to those restrictions or the Matter/Client folders would cause an error. 

  • Item names can be 250 characters long
  • Item names cannot start with ~
  • Item names cannot include " # % * : < > ? / \ | '
  • Item names cannot start or end with. (period)


In order to stay consistent, adhere to matter/client naming conventions that do not include special characters (those listed above).


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