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Why Aren't Email Templates Showing Up in the Email Templates Dropdown of a Contact in Clio Grow?


  • I cannot see the email templates I created under a contact's emails tab.
  • I cannot see email templates for email campaign
  • Why is the drop down box to choose an email empty?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

    • The different Email Template types in Clio Grow:
        • Form Email Templates - Used when preparing and emailing a Form
        • Document Email Templates - Used when preparing and emailing a Document
        • Appointment Email Templates - Used when sending an email to schedule or confirm an Appointment
        • Other Email Templates - Used when scheduling an Email using Email Campaigns
  • The "Add Email" button when creating a Workflow Template is only for adding the "Other Email Templates" type. By default, Clio Grow does not include any of these Email types and one must be created.


The Email Templates have not been created under the Other Email Templates section in Settings > Email Templates. See the Additional Information section above for more information regarding the different types of Form Templates.


  1. Click Settings on the left side of Clio
  2. Click Email Templates from the white menu
  3. Click New "Other" Template link beside the Other Email Templates title
  4. Complete the Template
  5. Click Save



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