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Clio Manage User License Management

Note: This article references features which are being released gradually. You may still be on the previous version of Clio Manage's user management for a short period of time. If so, please refer to the articles here for help managing your users and licenses.


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What is Clio's new license and user management behavior?
Managing users
Inviting a new user
Removing a license
Activating a user
Cancelling an invite
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clio's new license and user management behavior?

In May 2019, Clio began transitioning users to a new user/license management model.

  • Clio Manage customers will move from a user to a license model.
    Clio Manage customers will now be charged per license--not per user.

  • New license increases will be charged immediately.
    When a license is added, a prorated charge that covers the time between the date the license was added and their next billing date will occur immediately.

  • Removed license decreases will be scheduled.
    When a license is removed from an account, this change will be scheduled to take place at the next billing date. The customer will continue to pay for their original allotment of licenses until their next bill.

  • Terminology change from per user, to per license.
    Clio will now refer to licenses, as opposed to users. Customers can purchase licenses, and then can invite users to fill those licenses--but it is important to note that for subscription and billing purposes, licenses are decoupled from users.

Managing users

  • The table now shows ‘Status’ of all users, so you will have more insight into all users on your account. States include:
    • Active - A user is active on the account
    • Pending invite - An invitation has been sent to this user
    • Deactivated - The user has no access to the account
    • Open license - An open seat available
  • You will also see users who have been invited to an account, but have not yet accepted. You can resend or cancel these invitations.
  • You can now filter by state and use the table search to find users more quickly and easily than before.

Inviting a new user

  • You will now be able to invite multiple users at once.
  • You will be able to purchase licenses based on the users you are inviting, view a preview of how much this will add to your subscription fee, and see how much you will pay today--all in one screen.
  • If creating a new user license when sending an invite, you will be charged immediately for the license, even if the invite is not accepted.

Removing a license

  • You can now choose to remove the licenses when deactivating users or cancelling invitations. Note that ‘removed’ licenses will remain open until the next bill date, when they will be permanently removed.

Activating a user

  • You will now see the purchasing details when you activate a user

Cancelling an invite

  • Customers can remove a licenses when they cancel an invitation. Note that the licenses will remain open until the next bill date, when it will be permanently removed. The removal will be cancelled if the license is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have Clio’s new license and user management. How do I get access to this?

We are releasing these changes to all Clio Manage accounts over a staged rollout period--you will have access to our new license and user system shortly.

Where can I find more information?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team for more information by chatting in from your Clio account or calling 1-888-858-CLIO. 

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