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Two Users Showing in the Timeline/Firmfeed After First User Edited the Matter.


  • One user renamed a Matter or assigned the Matter to another Contact. Then in the Matter Timeline and the Firm Feed the first and second users show up.  First user - renamed a matter/reassigned a Matter Contact, second user - moved a folder (with the Matter name).


  • Clio Manage
  • NetDocuments


This could be caused by one of two things:


  1. Possibly because the second user has created the Matter and/or authenticated/logged into NetDocuments
  2. If there are no document integrations and no users are using FasterSuite, and the Primary Subscriber's name is attributed to the second Firm Feed entry, specifically the action of moving a document folder, then this is intended functionality in Clio. Firm Feed entries need to be associated to someone, and the movement of objects in Clio's document system results in Firm Feed entries being created.


  1. Disable the NetDocuments integration
  2. Contact Clio Support to submit a Feature Request to have the ability to remove secondary Firm Feed entries that result from the reassigning of a Matter Contact
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