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Do I get Notified when the Email Sync with Clio Grow/Lexicata is Broken?


  • Email Subject:  [Alert] Authentication Error Sending Your Email from Clio Grow/Lexicata
  • Why do I receive an email alert from MailGun?


  • Clio Grow
  • Lexicata

Additional Information:

For steps on how to re-sync an email in Clio Grow, please click here.


Yes. User will receive an email notification from MailGun (our email service provider) with the "Subject: [Alert] Authentication Error Sending Your Email from Clio Grow/Lexicata" when the system fails to deliver an email to the recipient.

The email is sent from "" or "" and will direct the user to walkthrough the un-sync and re-sync email process to resolve the issue.


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