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Can My Data Be Backed Up Twice By Using The Google Drive Integration?


  • Data Storage and Backup with Google Drive and Clio at the same time
  • How does the Google Drive Integration work?


  • Clio Manage
  • Google Drive 

Additional Information:


No, the Google Drive integration is a window to view documents uploaded into Google Drive while using Clio Manage. In order for this to happen the document has to be in the folder labeled "Clio" that gets created within Google Drive when the integration is enabled. Clio does not back this data up, as it is still within Google Drive and gets backed up there. 

You can still back data up into Clio by uploading the document into Clio Manage and having it uploaded into Google Drive will back it up as well. You will then find the same file under documents in the Clio tab, as well as the Google Drive tab, however these files are separate and will have to be manually edited and updated. 


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