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How do I Create a Retainer Agreement for Clio Grow and Keep my Word Document Formatting?


  • Creating a document from a template while retaining word formatting
  • Font and Margins used in my template are not supported by Grow, what's a workaround for this?


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

This work around can be used if you have merge fields with a lot of content (multiple lines) and a PDF template will not suffice. This will ensure you retain your Fonts, Margins, and letterhead while populating fields that may take up multiple lines. Note that you will need Clio Manage and Clio Grow for this to work.

Before using this workflow, please contact to ensure there's no other workaround available. 


  1. Create the template in Word using Clio Manage merge tags. Ensure the merge tags are formatted with the correct font and font size. (More information on this here)
  2. Create a Test Matter in Clio Manage. Note, this Test Matter will be edited constantly to update the Client Name and some custom field information. Only populate the fields that you'll need for the particular document(s) you'll be generating within this Matter
  3. Upload the template to the "Templates" section of Clio Documents (more information on this here)
  4. Generate the document within the Test Matter of Clio as a PDF and then download the PDF
  5. Open Clio Grow and navigate to the Matter you're working on
  6. Under Add a Workflow select Prepare Document
  7. Select Upload PDF from Computer
  8. Select the number of signers and who will be signing
  9. Click Prepare for Signing
  10. Click Signature on the top right of the editor then click on the document where you'd like to add the signature box
  11. Click Send
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