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What are Email Aliases?


  • What are email Aliases used for?
  • Why do I need an email Alias?
  • Can I send a resource to an Email Alias?


  • Email Provider Platforms: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Additional Information:

  • If you cannot find your email provider within this Article, please contact your email service provider to see if this is an available option with them.
  • Email aliases can be helpful in Clio for a number of reasons. For instance, when an email address is required but your email address is already in use.


Email Aliases are essentially sub-accounts for your existing Email address. Any emails sent to your alias address will come into your Master/Main email account's inbox.

Example: an email sent to will be received by the email inbox. 

Most email providers will have their own configuration steps for this feature. A few common ones can be found here:

  • For Gmail, see here
  • For Outlook, see here
  • For Yahoo, see here
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