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How to Map Picklist Answers to Custom Fields using Forms in Clio Grow


  • Map dropdown answers to custom fields using forms 
  • Allow clients to select answers from a picklist when submitting a form before exporting to Clio Manage


  • Clio Grow
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


  1. Set up a single line text custom field in Grow that matches the name of the picklist you want to connect to in Manage. For example: If you have a picklist field called "Courthouse" in Manage, create a single line text field called "Courthouse" in Grow. 
  2. In the Clio Grow Intake Form Templates, add a dropdown question. Include each answer exactly as it appears on the picklist custom field in Manage (note: the question label does not have to match the field name in this case). If you had "Downtown LA" and "Santa Monica" as your two options for the Courthouse picklist, you would need to add those exact options in the same order on your intake form. 
  3. Before saving the question, click "Question Settings". Check the, "Connect answer to custom field" box. Select the custom field you intend to connect to (this will be the single line text field that was created in step 1).
  4. Save the question, save the form, and exit the form builder.
  5. Note: If you need to link the custom field to Form Questions in Multiple Forms, you will need to follow steps 2-4 on all Forms before continuing to step 5. 
    Navigate to Settings > Custom Fields in Grow and click "Sync Clio Manage custom fields".

    Note: The custom field which was previously a single line text will automatically be converted into a dropdown/picklist. Once the form is submitted feel free to change the picklist/dropdown answers when editing a contact, or matter.

  6. Export the Matter to Clio Manage. 


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