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When I try to send a Secure Message, I'm receiving this error "Error: Unable to send secure message. Validation failed: [user name] share a duplicated email address: [user name]. What do I do?


  • Secure Message Error
  • Can't send Secure Message
  • Error when I try to send Message to Clio Connect User


  • Clio Manage

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If you're receiving this error, it means that two contacts share the same email addresses within your Clio Manage account, or the contact your are trying to send the message to has the same email address listed twice.


  1. Go to the Contacts tab on the left Menu.
  2. Use the Filter by Keyword box to search the email address associated with your Contact.
  3. Locate the Contacts with duplicate email addresses.
  4. If the duplicate email addresses is an error, edit the Contacts appropriately so that they each have the appropriate unique email address.
  5. If there has been duplicate Contacts created, follow the steps outlined in this article to safely consolidate the Contacts into one: Is There a Way to Merge Contacts?
  6. Resend your Secure Message.  


  1. Go to the Contact that you are trying to send a Secure message to.
  2. Click Edit contact
  3. Scroll down to the Email Addresses
  4. See if two or more of the email addresses are identical
  5. Click Remove beside any duplicate email addresses
  6. Click Save Contact
  7. Resend your Secure Message
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