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Can I add E-Signatures in the Clio Grow's Intake Form Templates?


  • Include signatures to Clio Grow's Intake Form Templates
  • Can you add "E-Agreements" to the Clio Grow's Intake Form Templates?
  • Can you add E-Signature to a Clio Grow Form?
  • E-Affirmations


  • Clio Grow

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No, Clio Grow Form Builder does not have a feature to add E-Signatures. However, there are other alternatives to use: 

You can create your own "E-Affirmations" or "E-Agreements" using checkboxes or multiple choice by using one-answer questions.  Please note that only multiple choice questions can be made "required."

Option 1: Checkbox Question

You can create your own "E-Affirmations" or "E-Agreements" using checkboxes. Please note checkbox questions are not required. Therefore, they can not check the agreement and still submit their form. For example: 


Option 2: Multiple Choice Question

You can create your own "E-Affirmations" or "E-Agreements" using multiple choice. Unlike Checkbox questions, Multiple Choice questions are required and clients cannot submit the form without answering it. For example: 


Option 3: File Attachment

If Signature is required, you can create File Attachment and request the client to submit a copy of their signature.


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