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Can I View Secure Messages on Clio's Mobile App?


  • How do I view Secure Messages on my Clio iPhone app?
  • How do I view Secure Messages on my Android phone?
  • Can I see Secure Messages on the Mobile App?


  • Clio iOS Mobile App
  • Clio Android Mobile App

Additional Information:

  • You are able to view Secure Messages in both the most recent versions of the Android and iOS Mobile App
  • Secure Messages are only found in the Inbox on the Mobile App and not on the Matter or Client level
  • Messages that are sent in your Mobile App will automatically be sent as a Secure Message


Yes, you are able to view Secure Messages on your Clio Mobile App.

To do so please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Clio Mobile App
  2. Navigate to the Home page of the Mobile App
  3. Click on the Inbox icon at the top right


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