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Upgrading Your Clio Subscription


What is Clio's new license and user management behavior?

Terminology update for the billing cycle.

Clio will now be referring to a monthly billing cycle as a 30-day billing cycle and our annual/yearly billing as a 365-day billing cycle as this reflects the true state of our billing cycles. 

Upgrades and expansions will be charged immediately.

When you add licenses or upgrades to your plan, a prorated charge covering the time between now and your next billing date will occur immediately if you are on the 365-day billing cycle. Also, switching billing frequency from 30-days to 365 days will occur immediately (a prorated refund will be issued for the remaining time on the existing 30-days subscription, and a new payment for the new 365-day subscription will occur).

Downgrades and reductions will be scheduled.

You can decrease the number of licenses on your account or request a downgrade to your plan at any time. Such changes and reduction in cost will be scheduled to take place at your next billing date. 

Upgrading Your Plan 

In order to upgrade your Clio Manage Plan navigate to Settings and click on Account and Payment Information. You will then click Upgrade Plan


After this, you can pick any plan available to you. If you do not see a specific plan it is because it's lower than your current plan. Click Select to pick the plan you would like to upgrade too


Reviewing The Cost

Next, you will see a breakdown of your next subscription payment and the date of that charge. In the Pay today section, you will a full breakdown of the amount you will pay once you Confirm upgrade



Once you confirm the upgrade will take effect immediately allowing you access to the features straight away. Your card will be charged within 1 hour.


  • We are gradually releasing this new account management functionality and the behaviour for how your plan will be upgraded will depend on which version on what version of Clio Manage's account management functionality you have
  • All users have to be in the same pricing level. Individual pricing plans per user is not available.


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