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How do I Migrate my Clio Files from my Existing Google Drive Account to a New Google Drive Account?


  • Copy Clio Files in Google Drive to Another Account and Switch the Sync
  • Change Google Drive Integration to Another Account While Keeping all my Files
  • Move Clio Sync from One Google Drive to Another 
  • Migrate my Clio Files to a New Google Drive Account


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When Clio is synced with a Google Drive Account it first looks for a folder called "Clio" at the highest level. If it finds one, it will use it and not create duplicate files
  • If no "Clio" Folder is found, Clio will create a new folder to store all files in


Moving your Clio files to a different Google Drive Account can be accomplished be following the below steps:

On the Old Account:

  • Share the "Clio" Folder with the New Google Drive Account
  • Change the Owner of the "Clio" Folder to the New Google Drive Account

In Clio:

(Optional) On the New Account:

  • Remove the File Share with the Old Google Drive Account


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