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Does Bulk Deleting Invoices and Contacts Show Each Selection Deleted in the Firm Feed


  • Bulk Deleting Shows all Deleted Entries in Firm Feed


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Bulk Deleting Invoices and Contacts


Bulk Deleting Contacts and Invoices will not be all individually listed on the Firm Feed, it will only show the first selected entry as deleted.

As an example, if within the Draft section of the Bills the checkbox of Invoice #1, #7, #14, #22, #18 are selected and the action of Delete is applied.

The firm feed it will display  'User' updated a matter bill, '1', for the matter '(matter number)' 2 minutes ago. 
It will not display the other invoice numbers and not be viewable within the Timeline of the Matter's associated with each invoice.

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