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Why Did Only Some of My Contacts Import?


  • Contact import incomplete
  • Some contacts missing after import
  • Partial import


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

There could be several reasons why a contact may have failed to upload. Please check your source for the following:


  1. The email addresses contain hyperlinks instead of plain text
  2. The contact contained unusual characters such as "~" or "^"
  3. Your spreadsheet contained characters that excel read as a function instead of text such as "="
  4. Skipped rows in the import sheet


  1. In your CSV file, highlight the email address column, right click, choose "Remove hyperlinks" from menu
  2. In your CSV file, press "control + F", click on the "Replace" tab, input the character causing the issue on the "Find What" line, leave "Replace With" line blank. Click "Replace All"
  3. Complete same steps as resolution number 2
  4. Remove any blank rows in the import sheet
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