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How Do I Create Classes Within My Quickbooks Online Account?


  • Can I create classes within Quickbooks Online to then have the classes properly map back to a Clio account?
  • How do I create classes in Quickbooks Online?
  • How can I map classes between Quickbooks Online and Clio?
  • Is there a Quickbooks Online class sync?


  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:

For more information on using Classes and Locations in Quickbooks Online, see here

For information on how to merge existing Classes with new Classes, see here

**The feature will automatically create Sub-Classes for each user within the Class selected once the feature is set up correctly.


  1. In your Clio account, under Bill Syncing → Connect to QuickBooks Online → Configure Sync Settings → Export approved bills and recorded payments - you can find the ‘Track firm users on bills’ setting.Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_9.08.37_AM.png

  2. Check the box "Include the firm user's name in time and expense entries when bills are exported to Quickbooks Online." 
  3. If this class dropdown is empty - this requires you to go into your Quickbooks Online account.

Once in Quickbooks Online, follow the steps to turn on classes:

  1. Go to the Settings (gear) icon
  2. Click Account and settings
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click on the Categories section to edit it
  5. Turn On "Track classes"
  6. Under "Assign classes" choose One to each row in transaction
  7. Click Save

To create a class:

  1. Go to the settings (gear) icon.
  2. Go to ‘All Lists’
  3. Choose ‘Classes’
  4. Choose ‘New’

  5. Create a Class (e.g "Firm staff)
  6. Once the class is created, it should be reflected in the list below. 
  7. Refresh your Clio account and you will see reflected changes - with options to select from your classes dropdown.
  8. Select the class you just created
  9. Save sync setting.
  10. You will now be able to associate staff names as sub-classes automatically in QuickBooks Online

Note: When using a QuickBooks Online Plus Plan, there is a limit of 40 subclasses that will be able to sync from Clio to QuickBooks Online. To sync unlimited classes please visit QuickBooks Online to upgrade your plan. 

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