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How Do I Know If My Client Has Funds at the Client Level


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Additional Information:

There are multiple ways to see if a Contact has Trust Funds available, but these are the two most straight-forward ways of doing so.


Matter Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Matter for the specific Client
  2. Locate on the Dashboard, Matter trust funds 
    • If there are Client Level Funds, there will be a link beneath the Matter trust funds saying View client level fundsClio_-_00003-Komaran_-_Dashboard_2019-07-29_20-42-40.png
    • If there are no Client Level Funds, there will be no link.Clio_-_00001-Hector_-_Dashboard_2019-07-29_20-43-31.png

Note: This shows Client Level funds located within the Trust Account, not the Operating Account.


"Record Payment" Page

  1. When you have a Bill you are ready to record a payment for, click on the Bill's Id number
  2. Select Record Payment
  3. Once at the page, it should look like this on topClio_-_Receive_Payments_2019-07-30_14-13-38.png
  4.  Under Funds available for (Client Name), you will be able to see if you have Trust funds, what Level they are sitting at, and which Account it is sitting in.
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