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Activities Columns Keep Changing


  • Why don't my Activities columns stay the same?
  • Activities columns revert to default
  • Activities columns keep changing
  • My Activities columns keep re-organizing themselves
  • Why Do My Matter Custom Columns Keep Reverting Back to Normal? 
  • Why Do My Contact Custom Columns Keep Reverting Back to Normal?
  • Clearing Cache Reverting Custom Columns Back To Normal?
  • Why do My Columns keep Reverting back to the default positions?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Clio stores which columns display, the column order, and the column widths in Local Storage. Anything that clears Local Storage, such as using an Incognito window, clearing cookies, or some ad blockers/content blockers may cause column data to reset during browsing. 


  • Your browser's cookies are being cleared, or an ad-blocker/content blocker may be clearing out your Local Storage. This could be due to running certain kinds of extensions that could be frequently clearing cookies.


  1. Don't clear your browser's cookies when clearing history and/or cache
  2. Stop running browser extensions that may be clearing cookies in the background
  3. Re-organize the columns after you clear your cookies
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