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How Do I Know If I Sent a Bill to a Client?


  • Shared Bill with Client
  • Did I share my Bill successfully
  • Did the Bill get sent to my Client
  • Did the Client get the Invoice I sent
  • Sent Invoice to Client
  • Did the Client receive my Invoice
  • Is there a record that I shared a Bill
  • Record showing I sent a Bill
  • When I sent a Bill
  • Where can I see if the invoice was sent?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

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The Bills Sub-Tab

  1. Navigate to the Bills sub-tab in the Matter/Contact
  2. Click on Unpaid to locate the Bill ( if you cannot locate the Bill, try clicking All) 
  3. Refer to the Last sent column. If the Bill has been sent it will include a Date. If not, it will state Not sent yet. Screen_Shot_Sent_bills_.png

The Communications Sub-Tab
This works only if you have included a message when sending the Bill.

  1. Navigate to the Communications sub-tab for that Matter/Contact
  2. If the Bill was sent, the message you shared would be displayed in the message LogClio_-_Mr_Mickey_Ashley_Komaran_-_Communications_2019-08-06_20-01-06.png


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