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Fully Paid Bill is Showing as Unpaid with a $0 Balance


  • Bill is not changing to "Paid" state
  • Invoice has been paid off but is staying as "Unpaid"
  • There is no Balance left on a bill but it is still in "Unpaid"


  • Clio Manage


This can be caused when multiple Clio Payments are linked to an invoice.


  1. Please contact Clio Support on one of our support channels. Once we have located the bill with you, we will have our Technical Escalations team run a tool which will recalculate and correct that Bills balance


    North America

    • Click on the Help button at the bottom-right of the Clio screen
    • Click on the chat button from bottom-right of the Clio site

    Europe, Middle East, Africa

    • Click on the chat button from bottom-right of the Clio site


    North America

    • 1-888-858-2546 (toll free)
    • 604-210-2944

    Europe, Middle East, Africa

    • 44-800-433-2546 (UK Freephone)
    • 44-333-577-2546 (UK Mobile Freephone)



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