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Error: 'A Quantity, Rate, or Discount Has Been Applied Producing a Negative Row Total.'


  • Can't save a Bill
  • Get errors when making edits to rows on Bills


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • The "Error: Unable to save changes. A quantity, rate, or discount has been applied producing a negative row total." error message occurs when you attempt to save a Bill while a Line Item amount is negative because of any of the Causes listed below. 


  • This error occurs when a Line Item on a bill has an invalid value. This could be one of the following:
      • The Discount percentage is greater than 100%
      • The Flat Discount amount is greater than the value of the Line Item


  1. Review each Line Item, looking for one where a discount has been applied that's greater than the value of the Line Item itself. 
  2. Change the discount amount to be a valid amount 


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