How Do I Split Up a Bill With Multiple Clients Using Clio Payments


  • Split up a bill with multiple clients using Clio Payments
  • Have clients apply partial payments on a bill 
  • Divide charges for single bill with multiple contacts 
  • Split billing charges between 2 clients
  • Adding 2 difference contacts on a single bill


  • Clio Manage

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  1. Add all clients who are applying partial payments to a bill as contacts in Clio
  2. Generate and approve the invoice in Clio as normal
  3. Share the bill with each contact (see How to Share a Single Bill with Multiple People)
  4.  Add a message when sharing the bill, specifying the amount each contact is to pay (see How to Add a Message to a Shared Bill )

As each contact pays their portion via Clio Payments, it will lower the outstanding balance of the bill, and the transactions will be tracked in Clio and LawPay  


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