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How do I Export Contacts from Clio Grow into Clio Manage?


  • Import Contacts into Manage from Clio Grow
  • Move Contacts from Clio Grow into Clio Manage



  • Clio Grow
  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Excel


Additional Information:

WARNING: This is a process that is not recommended. While it is possible to export Contacts as a CSV from Clio Grow and import into Clio Manage, this will create duplicates in the future, when a Matter or Contact is individually exported from Clio Grow to Clio Manage. 



In Clio Grow:

  1. Click on Contacts on the main navigation bar
  2. Ensure that the View All tab in the sub-navigation is selected
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click Export all contacts to CSV
  5. Open the exported CSV in Excel or Google Sheets


Open the exported CSV and perform the following edits to the CSV header:

  • Update First to First Name
  • Update Last to Last Name
  • Update Primary Email to E-mail Address
  • Update Street to Other Street
  • Update City to Other City
  • Update State to Other State
  • Update Country to Other Country
  • Update Zipcode to Other Postal Code

(note: these headers are case sensitive)


Once it's a CSV file, in Clio Manage:

  1. Go to or (EU)
  2. Click Add
  3. Click the Import drop down menu
  4. Choose Contacts from Outlook CSV
  5. Click Choose File and locate the file from its location on your computer
  6. Click Upload File
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