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The new Clio mobile app—now available on Android and iOS.

The wait is over. Get more done with your day when away from your desk with the new Clio Mobile App. Download now on iOS and Android.

You asked, we listened. We’ve rebuilt the Clio mobile app with a complete redesign and new technology to better serve busy lawyers and their teams. 

At a glance, what’s changed? 


You can be more productive, even on your busiest days. 

  • Get quicker access to the information you need e.g. the home screen can now be Contact or Matter-centric. 
  • Stay more productive, and more profitable, on the go with new quick actions; like the ability to duplicate activities with a swipe. 
  • Enjoy significant performance and reliability improvements with newer technology—especially for firms with large datasets. 

What new features and updates were added? 

New to Calendar 

  • An updated day view identifies gaps and conflicts in your schedule. 
  • Set locations for events and view directions in your native map application, (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps).
  • Tasks and statutes of limitations are now visible in events.  
  • A long press of Global Create on the calendar page automatically opens a new event creation form. (This contextual creation action also applies to Tasks and Activities.) 

New to Activities

  • Add non-billable time, expense categories, and hard and soft costs. 
  • Timers are now in sync between mobile and Clio web app, and vice-versa. 
  • Duplicate time and expense entries with a swipe. 
  • Text snippets created on Clio web app are now supported. 

New to Matters 

  • View matters from the home screen from a new Matter dashboard. Access either recently viewed or recently edited with ease. 
  • Switch between a Matter or Contact-centric home screen based on preference and workflow. 
  • Find what you need in seconds with a dozen Matter filters. 
  • Manage more firm data without risk of delay or disruption.
  • Copy text from any detail field or custom field to your clipboard on a matter dashboard by Long press (press and holding) the field 

New to Documents

  • Review documents in full screen.
  • Easily share and upload documents from the Clio Mobile App to native document management and communication apps. 
  • Improved folder structure creates document subfolders for ease of access. 

New to Tasks 

  • Quickly mark as complete, or update the status of a task with a swipe. 

New to Contacts

  • New Contact dashboard is available from the home screen. Easily move between a Matter or Contact-centric workflow. 
  • Embedded actions let you call, text, email, or locate contacts with a tap. 
  • Improved search functionality. 

Have any features have been removed from the Clio Mobile App?
Yes. Based on usage, feedback, and new workflows, the following features will no longer be available: 

  • Offline sync: Clio data will no longer be available if your phone isn’t connected to the internet.
  • Matters: We’ve removed the ability to create new or edit existing matters on mobile.
  • Billing: We’ve removed the ability to view invoices. 
  • Timekeeping: We’ve removed the timekeeper widget. (Android only.) 

Why did we remove these features?

We’re constantly interviewing users, and using data to examine how customers use Clio—on mobile and on the web app. 

This research ensures we build features that help as many customers as possible—while balancing performance and technical considerations.

Let us know what you think.

If you have further feedback, let us know. Please share your feedback from the Settings page of your mobile app, or contact us at Enjoying the app? Feel free to leave a review—we appreciate the support. 

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