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iOS App: The Basics


What versions are supported?
Where do I get it?
Log In
Viewing the App
Logging Out

What versions are supported?

Any device that has version iOS 11.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Where do I get it?

To download the Clio iOS app, go to the Apple app Store and search for Clio.

Here you will see the app to download to your iOS device.

Log In

To log into Clio, use the email and password you use for your existing Clio account. 


If you have an iOS device that supports it, the first time you log into the app you can enable Clio to log in with Touch or Face ID. 


The first time you log into the app you can set a PIN. If you choose to set a PIN, you simply enter it each time you log in.


Modifying or removing the PIN can be done from the app if you know your existing PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN you can deauthorize the app from "Mobile Settings" in your Clio Settings.

The first time you download the app it will sync your information from your Clio account. Please be patient as this may take some time. Going forward, when you log into the Clio app it will sync over new information. The Clio app will bring over new Matter and Contact information first, followed by the rest of the information.

While you are in any list view you can manually trigger a sync by pulling down your screen down and releasing.

Viewing the App

Home Screen

When you log into the Clio app you are directed to the Home screen. (UPDATE LINK)


Navigation Tabs

The navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen enable you to access the different areas of the app.


Create New

The Create New button ("+") at the bottom right of the screen enables you to add anything from anywhere on the app. Tapping the Create New button displays a menu where you can start a timer, or take quick action. Long-pressing the Create New button on a specific screen (ex: Time Entries) will open up the 'New time entry' window. 


Logging Out

The app isn't designed to be logged out of each time you use it. Instead, we recommend using the PIN setting to keep the app data safe. 

To log out of the app, tap the gear icon (Settings) on the top left of the screen. Then tap 'Sign out of Clio'.


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