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How Do I Use the ‘Hard Cost Import’ Setting?


  • Reduce double data entry in Clio by importing your incurred expenses from QuickBooks Online with the hard cost import setting.


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

  • This feature is only available with QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced Plans. 
  • You must turn on the hard/soft cost setting in order to use this feature.
  • The user assigned to the expense entry in Clio automatically defaults to the Primary Subscriber. The Expense entry can be edited to change the user. 
  • This setting will aggregate multiple expenses on a single check in Quickbooks into one expense entry in Clio.
  • Only Expense and Check transaction types from QuickBooks Online will be imported into Clio.
  • The Contact associated with the hard cost must also have a matter created in Clio.


  1. If the customer chosen on the expense in QuickBooks Online has only one matter, the expense imported into Clio will automatically map to that matter.

  2. If the contact is assigned to multiple matters then you will need to link the expense manually from the activities tab to the proper matter in Clio
  3. If an expense is deleted in QuickBooks Online after being imported into Clio, the deletion will sync to Clio, and the entry will move the Recovery Bin. To avoid improper reconciliation, do not recover this expense. Instead, create a new one in QuickBooks Online.

  4. "Item details" when creating an expense in QuickBooks Online are not supported by the Hard Cost import in Clio. Ensure all expense information is input under the "Category Details" when creating an expense in QuickBooks Online. If an "Item Detail" is imported, an error will appear in the Sync Failures table, found in Settings > Bill Syncing > QuickBooks Online Sync. 



The "track by customer" setting needs to be turned on in QBO in order for this feature to work.

In Clio

  1. In your Clio account, under Settings → Bill Syncing → Connect to QuickBooks Online → Configure Sync Settings → you can find the ‘Import hard costs’ setting.
  2. Choose a specific date to have this sync start. 
    1. This sync date can be changed after the initial setup if you would like to import from a different date moving forwards. 
  3. Choose an account that the hard costs should import from, that was originally created in QuickBooks Online.
  4. Save sync settings.

    In QuickBooks

  5. Create an expense in QuickBooks Online, make sure that the category you select in QuickBooks Online matches the one selected in Clio. (eg. Reimbursable Expenses) within ‘Category Details’ as illustrated below.

    Please note: "Item details" are not supported by Hard Cost import. Ensure all expense information is input under the "Category Details".


    QuickBooks Online


    In Clio

  6. You will now be able to see the expense within the ‘Activities’ table in Clio. 


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