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How Do I Make a Booking Link Publicly Accessible for Anyone to Schedule an Appointment?


  • Can I make a public booking link using Clio Scheduler?
  • Where can I find the link so I can embed the Clio Grow Scheduler on my Website? 
  • How do I Share a Booking Link for Anyone to Schedule an Appointment Using Clio Scheduler?
  • Public Clio Scheduler links


  • Clio Grow 

Additional Information: 

  • For more information on Clio Scheduler, click here
  • Using a Clio Scheduler booking link, you can embed access to Clio Scheduler in your website or your email signature.


Firm Scheduler Page:

If your firm has multiple appointment types and would like to display public booking links for all of them on a single page, you can use the Firm Scheduler page,


  1. Click on the Select appointment types button in the top right of the Firm Scheduler card
  2. Select all the appointments types you want to be displayed on the Firm Scheduler page (Note: adding appointment types to the Firm Scheduler page is only available to Grow users with Admin permissions)
  3. Click Save and Close

Note: Appointment types can also be added to the Firm Scheduler page from the “Appointment information” section on the individual appointment settings



Note: Your Firm Scheduler page URL is accessible based on the following pattern:


To easily navigate to your Firm Scheduler page:

  1. Add at least one appointment type to your Firm Scheduler page
  2. Click on the hyperlink in the Firm Scheduler section to open your Firm Scheduler page, or click the Copy Link button


Individual Appointment Types:

  1. Go to Settings > Appointment Types
  2. Click on the hyperlink below the appointment name to open a public booking link, or click the Copy link button.
  3. Include this link wherever you would like customers to be able to access and use it.
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