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How Does a Prospective Client Cancel an Appointment Scheduled Using Clio Scheduler?


  • A prospective client wants to cancel a previously scheduled meeting using Clio Scheduler
  • How can prospective clients cancel an appointment


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Additional Information:

  • If your prospective client would like to reschedule a meeting instead, click here for more information. 
  • Please note: if the client is cancelling a paid appointment, the refund will need to be processed manually through Clio Manage. For steps on how to process a refund, see here


1. If the prospective client clicks on the “Cancel” button in the appointment confirmation email, this will re-open the Scheduler.

2. The prospective client will see appointment details for their previous appointment in a blue box beside the date & time picker.


3. Once the prospective client clicks the “Cancel appointment” button, they will see the confirmation screen.


4. Both the prospect and the appointment host will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

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