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How Do I Send a Booking Link to an Existing Contact to Schedule an Appointment in Clio Grow?


  • How do I create a new appointment with a prospective client?
  • Can I send my Clio Scheduler link to a prospective client to schedule an appointment? 
  • How do I send a Clio Scheduler link to an existing Contact to schedule an appointment?
  • Why is a new Matter created when a client schedules an appointment?
  • Can a client schedule an appointment without a new Matter being created?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information: 

  • To see what a prospective client receives after booking an appointment, click here


  1. Go to the Matter detail page for a specific matter
  2. From the Workflow tab, select Create New Appointment from the Add to workflow dropdown menu


  3. In the "Create New Appointment" pop-up: 
    -Select Contact (this will auto-populate to the primary contact on the Matter)
    -Select Calendar (this is the Clio Manage calendar the event will be created on) (Note: you can select from other Grow users’ calendars, provided they have also set up their Grow account to sync with their Clio Manage calendar, steps to do this are in this help article)
    -Select Appointment Type (this field will default to "Ad Hoc" and is optional) 

    Note: appointment types shown in the “Appointment type” dropdown menu will be based on the user calendar selected above. This will only display appointment types for an individual user calendar (if multiple user calendars are selected, the only available appointment type will be “Ad hoc”).


    Note: If a paid appointment type is selected the payment amount and linked bank account that funds will be deposited into will be displayed below. Paid appointments types that are not connected to a linked bank account in Clio Manage will not appear in the Appointment Type dropdown menu.


    Note: once an individual appointment type is selected, the appointment name, instructions / event description, and duration fields will be automatically populated. If an Appointment type is selected but changes are then made to any of the pre-populated fields, the changes made to these fields will only apply to that appointment (i.e. will not make any changes to the Appointment Type default settings, this can be done in the Settings > Appointment Types page).


    -Under How do you want to schedule your appointment?, select “Email scheduling link to contact”
    Note: if a paid appointment type is selected, the only booking method available will be to email a scheduling link to the contact. If the contact does not have an email address, it will not be possible to send a link to book a paid appointment.
    -Click on the Create appointment and continue to email button

  4. Draft & send the appointment invitation email (Note: you can create alternate appointment invite email templates from the Settings > Email Templates page)
    -Select Contact (will auto-populate based on contact selected on previous screen)
    -Email template (will auto-select “Appointment Invitation Email”)
    -Click on Add CC button to cc "Contacts" (if needed)
    -Edit Email body text (if needed)

  5. Click the Send Email button
  6. Contact will receive the appointment invitation email 
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