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How Does a Prospective Client Reschedule an Appointment Using Clio Scheduler?


  • prospective client wants to reschedule a meeting using Clio Scheduler
  • How can a prospective client reschedule their appointment?


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Additional Information:

  • For more information on Clio Scheduler, click here
  • Please note: if the prospective client is rescheduling a paid appointment, the payment received will not be affected and they will not be required to re-enter payment information when rescheduling.  
  • When the event/appointment is rescheduled by the prospective client, this would in turn change the time and date of the appointment in the Clio Manage calendar.   


1. The prospective client can click on the “Reschedule” button in the confirmation email, this will re-open the Scheduler.

2. The prospective client will see appointment details of their previous appointment in a blue box next to the date & time picker.


3. The prospective client can pick a new date and/or time the same way they booked their first appointment.


4. Once they’ve selected a new date & time, the prospective client will see:

    1. The new date & time selected;
    2. the previous date & time crossed out; and
    3. a text box to provide a reason for the change.

5. After the prospective client clicks the “Reschedule appointment” button they will see the confirmation screen.

6. Both the prospect and the appointment host will receive a confirmation email with the updated date/time.


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