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What Does a Prospective Client Receive After Booking an Appointment Using Clio Scheduler?


  • Does an email get sent after booking an appointment with Clio Scheduler? 
  • What confirmation does the prospective client receive after booking an appointment with Clio Scheduler? 
  • Can I edit the email that is sent out by Clio Scheduler?


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Additional Information:

  • For more information on Clio Scheduler, click here
  • If the client has booked a paid appointment, they will also receive a payment confirmation email from Clio Payments in addition to the booking confirmation.
  • The confirmation email is unable to be edited. 


After a prospective client books an appointment, they will receive a confirmation email that includes:

  • A summary of the appointment details
    • Appointment name
    • Description
    • Appointment host
    • Appointment date & time
    • Payment Amount (if a paid appointment)
  • Add to Calendar buttons 
    • Google Calendar 
    • Desktop calendar apps (e.g. iCal or Outlook)
  • Buttons for making changes to the scheduled event
    • Reschedule
    • Cancel


To learn what the appointment host receives, see this help article.

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