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Xero Sync Improvements - FAQ

We’ve added a series of integration improvements to Clio Manage that will guard users from producing Xero Sync errors, and deepen the functionality of their existing Xero integration. 


What are the Xero integration improvements? 

In addition to addressing a number of common Xero sync errors (outlined below), we have refined areas of our Xero integration to deliver deeper functionality. 

Account code mapping

In the Xero settings page you can specify the default account code for expenses. Some of our customers like to report on this data more granularly in Xero however, such as setting disbursements to a different account code than expenses). We now offer this finer level of control through Expense Categories. Click here to learn more.


Why have we made these improvements? 

Clio Manage customers were investing manual effort to maintain their Xero integrations, this involved re-mapping account codes and correcting experiencing sync failures. The failures frequently resulted in invoices not being sent over to Xero, resulting in a downstream impact on the fiscal management of firms. 


What Xero sync errors will be resolved with this improvement? 

Click here to see the full list of Clio Manage to Xero sync improvements. 


How can I activate these improvements in my Clio Manage account? 

The majority of the improvements have already been added, but Clio Manage accounts that were created before July 2019 will not have all of Xero integration preferences enabled. To enable these improvements, you will have to navigate to Settings>Bill Syncing. Click here for full details on how to configure your Clio Manage and Xero integration. 


Clio Manage accounts created during, or after, July 2019 have had these preferences turned on already. 


Will preferences be applied retroactively? 

No. These fixes will only apply to invoices moving forward. If you want the preference to apply to current invoices you must edit the invoice (e.g. description change) or the contact (e.g. contact information change) to re-attempt the sync. 


Where can I find more information?  

Click here to learn more about the complete list of Clio and Xero improvements.
Click here to learn more about how to configure your Xero account in Clio

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