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How Do I Create Clio Scheduler Appointment Types?


  • Can I create new Clio Scheduler appointment types?
  • Can I Pick Specific Default Dates and Times for Online Scheduling?
  • Appointment Type
  • Clio Scheduler


  • Clio Grow 

Additional Information:

  • For more information on Clio Scheduler, click here
  • Appointment types are templates you can create for events. By creating a template with pre-configured settings, you can quickly schedule meetings. 
  • Appointment types are editable.
  • For information on setting up paid appointment types, see here.
  • Clio Grow must be synced with a Calendar from Clio Manage.


  1. Go to Settings > 'Appointment Types' (or may say 'Scheduler')Screen_Shot_2020-04-06_at_11.13.45_AM.png
  2. Click New appointment type.Screen_Shot_2020-04-06_at_11.16.52_AM.png
  3. Configure the following settings for your appointment type:


  • Appointment Information

    • Appointment name (required): e.g. Initial Consultation, 30 min meeting, etc.
    • Location: this could be a physical location like your office, a phone number to call, or a link for an online video-conference meeting.
    • Instructions / Event description (required): this is a public description that prospective clients will see on the Scheduler page when picking a date & time for an appointment.
    • Internal note: This will only be displayed internally, appended to the event's description in the selected calendar.
    • On appointment booking:
      • Add new appointments to lead inbox to allow for a confirmation: booked appointments will appear in the lead inbox to be either accepted or declined.
      • Add new appointment directly to the pipeline (this can potentially create duplicate contacts)specify which column on your intake pipeline you want new leads created via this appointment booking workflow to be added to (Note: you can add or edit Pipeline columns under Matter Statuses on the Settings > Matters page).
    • Click Next to save & continue. 


  • Basic booking settings

    • Duration (required): select the length of time in 15-minute increments.
    • Recurring availability: select which day(s) and time slots that are available to book this type of appointment. You can select multiple time intervals on the same day (e.g. 9-11am & 1-3pm on Mondays).
    • Click Create to save your new appointment type.


  • Advanced booking settings

    • Start time increments: select how often appointment times are available each hour
    • Minimum advance booking: select the minimum amount of hours required between the time of booking and the scheduled appointment time
    • Appointment buffers: select the amount of buffer time before and/or after an appointment
    • For more information on Advanced booking settings, click here


  • Collect payments settings

    • Collect payments: check if this is a paid appointment
    • Amount: specify the dollar amount of the appointment
    • Linked bank account: select which bank account payment will be deposited into
    • Record payment as fees earned: select when a “funds out” transaction will be recorded. For more information on Clio Scheduler + Payments for paid appointments, click here.

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