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My New Matter Numbers Start at a Higher Number than I Set it to


  • New matters have a matter number higher than what I entered in the Matter Numbering settings 
  • In the settings page, "Next matter number will start from:" is set to 00020 but new matters start at 00050+
  • Upon checking my matters the highest matter number is currently at 00019


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For information on why a Matter Number may appear higher than expected, see here.


The "Next matter number will start from:" setting is designed to change the next matter number to start with a higher number. It is not designed to make matter numbers start at a lower number than the current highest matter number in your account.

This is also caused by existing matters that were originally numbered higher, via matter number override or a matter import.


There isn't a quick way to resolve this. The fix will involve having to override the matter number of each matter that is showing a discrepancy when you run an export. Please follow these steps to resolve:

Step 1: Running a matters export

  1. Go to Matters and Select the All tab at the top
  2. Click Export at the bottom and select CSV as the format with all available columns
  3. Open the spreadsheet so you can use this as reference
  4. On the spreadsheet take note of the "Number" column as well as the "Display Matter Number"
  5. Clio uses the "Number" column for automatic matter numbering. New matters will proceed from the highest "Number" on the matter export.
  6. If there is a mismatch between the Number and Display Number columns that means Clio is displaying the matter as the Display Number however it is recognized as a different number at the back-end.

Step 2: Overriding the matter number to correct the values in the "Number" column. This has to be done on each matter that has an incorrect value on the "Number" column at the export. Take note that this will only work for open matters. If you have closed matters that need to be corrected they will have to be re-opened then closed after correcting the matter number.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Firm Preferences then select Matter Numbering at the top
  3. Scroll to the middle of the page and select "Open" beside Matter Number Override
  4. On the Matter box type in the display matter number and click on the matter name when it auto-populates
  5. Under the New Matter Number box type in the desired number for that number (the same as the display number you searched for)
  6. Click the green Update button


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